So… You are an authentic yogaholic – and you’re ready to take your practice to the next level!

You want to learn about the key principles of alignment to make your practice safe.

You are curious about the yogic lifestyle, philosophy and energetics to make your practice interesting and invigorating.

You want to belong to a global yoga community that shares and understands your passion for yoga, a community that will empower you by giving tangible marketing resources so you can succeed as a yoga instructor.

A 200H Practical Teacher Training with Annu Gaidhu ERYT200

[animated_icons_with_text columns=”three_columns”][animated_icon_with_text icon=”fa-calendar” title=”Dates” size=”40″ icon_color=”#ffffff” text=”• Starting March 2016
• Meetings every weekend
• Saturdays: 9am-6pm
• Sundays: 10am-7pm” icon_color_hover=”#ffffff” icon_background_color_hover=”#f05d8a” title_tag=”h3″ icon_background_color=”#52d29c” border_color=”#52d29c” border_color_hover=”#f05d8a”][animated_icon_with_text icon=”fa-map-marker” title=”Location” text=”Chakra Wellness Center
7145 St Barbara Blvd.
Mississauga, Ontario. L5W0C9″ size=”40″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#52d29c” border_color=”#52d29c” title_tag=”h3″ icon_color_hover=”#ffffff” icon_background_color_hover=”#f05d8a” border_color_hover=”#f05d8a”][animated_icon_with_text icon=”fa-check” title=”Investment In Self” text=”Cost: $2825.00 CDN per person includes tax.
Payment Plans available → 4 equal instalments of $706.25 ” size=”40″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#52d29c” border_color=”#52d29c” title_tag=”h3″ icon_color_hover=”#ffffff” icon_background_color_hover=”#f05d8a” border_color_hover=”#f05d8a”][/animated_icons_with_text]

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Training For?

This 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered program empowered by @allyoucanyoga is for anyone who is ready to make his or her passion into a professional reality.

Aspiring yoga teachers who participate in this training will have a clear and easy-to-understand curriculum that focuses on:

  • The four principles of the practice: Foundation of the Base, Press & Rebound, Law of Compensation and Dual Action to correctly teach students each posture.
  • The 5 T’s for teachers: Timing, Tone, Technical, Transitions and Theme.
  • Anatomy
  • Applied yogic philosophy
  • The eight limbs of yoga
  • Pranayama meditation
  • The business of yoga.

Objectives Of This Course

  • Motivate and empower you to find your voice and your dharma
  • Support you in the process of self-transformation and personal growth
  • Incorporate the practice of yoga into your life
  • Expand your knowledge and self-confidence
  • Elevate your understanding of yoga
  • Improve your body awareness and your understanding of your body
  • Develop your observation skills and the art of improving students’ practices
  • Prepare you to teach yoga with confidence and inspiration that are rooted in competence from your own deepening practice

What You Will Get

  • Completed 200H Bliss Yoga Teacher Training Certification
  • 200 Yoga Alliance Recognized Training Hours giving you the ability to teach Internationally
  • An Automatic All You Can Yoga Ambassador Acceptance

Become a Yoga Teacher. Learn from the Best!

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