Its that time of year again! And with just 5 days until Christmas, now is the time where we are all making lists, heading out to the mall for that last minute Christmas present that should have been bought a few weeks back like you promised yourself!

From decorations to endless tasks, tis the season to be stressed out indeed!

So what are we to do during this stressful yet fun time to remain calm? Follow these simple meditation tips to help ease you throughout your day, wherever you go!

Why Meditation?

It reduces blood pressure, stress, anxiety and increases concentration, focus, and provokes positive energy, which leads to a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

To the beginner, mediation can be intimidating, but today’s article is going to provide you with three awesome tips to get your meditation practice rolling full steam ahead!

Tip #1: Stretch It Out

One can feel tense or tight before meditation. One of the main purposes of meditation is to still and relax the body, and this cannot be achieved with tension in the muscles. Take a little time to stretch before your meditation session. Some time when you get up or before you get into bed, simple little stretches for a few minutes. It will provide just the foundation you need to relax and release. Find a comfortable spot to sit.

Tip #2: Just Breath

Breathing is the basis of any meditation practice and often when we begin, our minds are racing with all kinds of thoughts. To get your mind centered, simply observe your breath. This may seem simple but is one of the most challenging things to practice. Start by closing your eyes and focusing your awareness at the space in between your eyebrows. Keep your awareness on that focal point, and take a deep breath in through the nose, and then breath it out. Find your rhythm, try not to force your breathing – just stick to natural breathes, as they come, as they go.

Tip #3: Body Scan

So you’ve reached the point of watching your breath…what now? Do a complete scan of your body from toe to head. Take a deliberate, internal notice of how each part of your body feels. Scan everything including your bones, veins, and internal organs. This practice sharpens your focus.


I wish you well on your journey into meditation and remember, when we love our bodies, our bodies will most certainly love us back!

Happy holidays loves! 



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