What was the primary reason you first took that step to get on your mat? Was it to find a way to get in shape, help build endurance, or maybe flexibility?

The first time I practiced yoga there was something about it that highly attracted me towards coming back and back again for more. Questions like “Why in the world” and “So what” would race through my mind, yet I was deeply impressed. I wanted to know how twisting and bending your body could have anything to do with life, meaning, happiness and truth. And like many things in life, we can never know in advance the full impact something is going to have on us but I knew that it was the one hour that I could just detach myself from the world and focus on bringing out that best version of myself to the forefront.

As I kept practicing yoga and meditation regularly, this subtle sense of feeling so good mentally and physically becomes so pervasive, so much a part of you that it carries over into the whole of your life. 

And in doing so, it helps clarify your deepest longings and motivations, which then restores hope and purpose into life. I suddenly realized that my survival of the negative experiences I felt I was entrenched in, no longer seemed to drain me anymore. My survival through any depression and anxiety I would suffer can be credited through my practice of yoga.

It is about becoming aware of what you are experiencing physically and mentally. Yoga helped me resolve grief from depression inspiring me to help others. I discovered a practice that left me feeling grounded, confident and better able to deal with stressors. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to love and honor who we are, surrender to our past experiences, embrace in the present and fill our eyes with shining light for what the future holds us to be. We all deserve to feel loved and nothing less. It begins when we make that paradigm shift from fear, into love. When we genuinely believe that we are here for a purpose and that is to make our mark in this world as powerful, beautiful human beings who deserve to feel loved and in return, beam out the same.

I encourage everyone to set this intention for them selves each and every morning as I did and embrace in your transformation:

I am a powerful being capable of changing anything and everything in my life. I can welcome and embrace positive changes and have the power to let go of unhealthy habits, feelings and persons who no longer serve the evolution of whom I see myself as.
That highest, most powerful, version of myself.
I accept the necessary changes that need to take place in my life to let go of any mental misery that may be lingering, fears and worries that seem unachievable. I promise myself that every single day I will strive to grow strong and beautiful in this present lifetime. I believe that my life is unfolding perfectly, just the way it is meant to be. I trust in the process. I trust myself, and most importantly love myself.
I will be okay.
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti…. 



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